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Don’t Stop Believing – Journey

Don’t Stop Believing – with so many friends of mine going through rough financial times in today’s turbulent economy, I can’t help but think of the 80′s Pop hit, “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey.

In times of adversity, Greatness stands up and out. Never give up or give in. #SSG

And now I give you with the Amazing Journey song that has inspired millions and hopefully inspires you to NEVER give up!

33 Responses to “Don’t Stop Believing – Journey”

  • Oh yes Sebastian, this song is so awesome with its lyrics and melody is not so bad either:)
    I think this song has made mot big influence to me considering band´s music.
    Economy in Europe is now in very bad situation,few of Eu-countries(Euro) have to support few of other,who are now in very big problems,like Greece,Ireland and Portugal example!
    So globally we could say that many people are now going trough hard times,but always when it is hope it is a new better day:)

    • Sebastian:

      Thanks Matti for all the #TwitterLuv and support. It’s amazing how you live so far away – Finland – but yet as a friend you are so close. It’s amazing the power of social media and meeting people that we are truly blessed to know in our lives. Wow…. Amazing

      • You are so right my bro of that,interner has made a possibility so easy to connect with people of your kind even though have met never in real world!
        Words are very powerful tool when you can use them right and from words you can see a lot what kind of person is behind them and of course if you can read between lines winkl:)
        I do not know when it happens, but i believe that we will see in real life some day, cause so it is written to happend my awesome friend:)
        As great friend and man San of his previous comment said of you,you are really a unique man and your heart is on right side and very seldom meet person like YOU Sebastian my american true friend and ROCK-bro:)

        Sincerely your finn bro

    • Great to see you here, Matti!

      • Hey Lyd dear,i did not know that you are big fan of Sebastian or that you are member of this awesome Luminious blog:)Hope you have all well,cause have not hear from you ages:)Here is all well and finally summer has started even though it is still spring time, but here has been few days like summer:)POWERHUG from you finn fan/friend winkl:)

  • Sebastian,
    As you know my schedule better than anyone else I am not privy to spend a lot of time reading the works of others let alone having the time to write for my own site!

    I just wanted to take the time to let you know that your writing is filled with imprint and style which is reflective of who you are as a person.

    Your writing style is from the heart backed up with conviction and I am sad to say I do not see much of that in the web universe!

    Keep up the great work!


  • The minute you stop believing, it’s all over! Great tune! #HeGetsMe #HeGetsIt #Rocker

  • I love this song. It is such a great reminder that no matter how hard things get, we need to move forward and keep going. Thanks, Sebastian!

  • Sebastian, great post! Thanks so much! I’m a very big believer and my belief is that the only failure is the failure to keep going and keep growing. Consciousness needs our awareness and involvement to grow and expand. This is why it is so important to work on ourselves, much more than on our job/business. The mental game in making it through any stretch of difficulty is what will either make makers and shakers, or break those who can’t handle the stress and lose flexibility and focus. Just like in the sports games, lots of people go through life, never believing in themselves. They watch the games, cheer… boohh, and if their team wins, they say “We won!” but then the team loses they say “THEY lost!” and you see my point. Some stars will rise to fame and fortune, not because they never failed but because they never claimed perfection but kept in training, daily! Life is a game in which you get only one chance to either choose to consciously train yourself and make it or to just sit on the proverbial bench and watch but never get to play. Or even worse, sit in front of the TV and watch and never even get to the stadium. Love the song, and the message. It does show the spirit it takes to get through anything not just on survival mode but with the inspiring voice of a leader. So, thanks for posting this! So important to keep in mind that we’re more powerful than we ever give ourselves credit for! Tough times make tough people!
    Maybe some will awaken, some will stay asleep. It is a choice everyone has. What we choose is up to us!

    • Sebastian:

      Wow! Very deep Lydia! I love it because when we talk about Consciousness living we truly seek to expand our awareness and thusly our thoughts and beliefs are deeply rooted in that. All of Us have the power to change. The only thing stopping Us is the strength/willingness/desire to take that first step.

      What’s great is the whole the social media experience has been a journey of expansion and opening of new horizons.

      It’s incredible that I have met so many like-minded and amazingly talented people like yourself and ALL of the others who have commented here. #Grateful #ThankYou

  • Great pick me up bro. Love it.

    • Hey Todd my awe buddy,now i see that here are all fab people and i do not know wonder that all,Sebastian is a big soul and true warm hearted friend:)
      It is really amazing how internet can connect people who are thinking same way and speak from their hearts sincerely despite never to meet face to face LOL:)
      It is this subconscious with us all which makes this happening:)
      So glad to find you here too Todd,keep doing your greta work my friend:)Masa winkl:)

  • Lawrence August:

    Crazy. I was playing this song when I opened up your email about it. LOL!

    Keep rockin’ brother!

    • Sebastian:

      LOL That is so awesome Lawrence! Talk about synchronicity! Hope all is well Bro! Long time no talk – let’s catch up soon!

      Definitely keep rockin’!

  • Frank:

    Absolutely a fantastic posting Sebastian. Lydia, your comments touched me very deeply. These are very difficult times and it is so important that people “Don’t Stop Believing” … in themselves, in God or a higher power. Bless you all.

    • Sebastian:

      Wow Thanks Frank! That was great! It’s really cool as I’ve known you for what…. almost 30 yrs? Kinda scary LOL but I’ve seen you make some MAJOR leaps and growth in your life. I feel very lucky to call you a friend. We’ve been through a lot LOL and it’s really been a great experience. Thank you Bro for all your support and your awesome friendship!!!!!

  • Chey:

    Inspirational and insightful Sebastian

  • Sonny Lacasion:

    I love this song! Friggin’ fantastic post!!! Lydia’s comments are fabulous!! Actually everyone’s comments are great.

  • This is a great song for getting you motivated. Thanks for this post,

    Stay blessed.

    Amanda recently posted..Blessings in the post

  • I agree with Sonny and Amanda—this song says it all. Thanks for sharing, Sebastian. I feel fortunate our paths have crossed.
    Terri Nakamura recently posted..Hug Your Kid and Say a Prayer

    • Sebastian:

      Thanks Terri! I feel the same! So glad we crossed paths! I love your tweets and your blogs. You rock!

  • WalterTyler:

    LOVE THIS SONG!!! Cool blog :-)

  • HTS:

    what a fun blog with some exciting posts. Thanks for sharing :)

  • Oh, Journey, how I love you so! :-)


  • TKSteven:

    My Fav band! Great blog! Love the picture. Cool!

  • Meredith Allison:

    Possibly the greatest song (and message) of all time! A friend of mine had a little dream, he wanted to bring the 80s back…and bring it to Broadway and the big screen. He never stopped believing. Thus we have Rock Of Ages, including, of course… Don’t Stop Believing!

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