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Meet the new Salvador Dali

Meet the new Salvador Dali – Vladimir Kush is, without a doubt, one of the most exciting painters in the art world today. His work is vibrant, vast, deep and overflows with a radiant abundance of colors, symbols and allegory. His imagery instills a wealth of dreamlike thoughts and visions. His craftsmanship while flawless and virtually seamless appears not to have any apparent brush strokes.

Vladimir refers to his art as metaphorical realism. In my opinion, he is the new Salvador Dali. He really has taken over where Dali left off.  It is surrealism at a whole new level.  I find that his work would best be described as a progenitor who dwells at the creative edge of our hearts and minds. (See his At the edge of the Earth painting below)

At the End of the Earth

Here are some highlights from Vladimir’s Bio courtesy of Kush Fine Art.

Born 1965 in Moscow, Vladimir’s parents learned that he at the early age of three or four had the “talent.” His father would start drawings and amazingly Vladimir would complete them.  Eventually, he would be formally trained at the Art Institute of Moscow under the Cezanne method, which he quickly mastered. After Kush’s first successful show in Germany in 1989 it brought him to Los Angeles and eventually Maui, his home today.

African Sonata

Vladimir sums it up for us: “Due to political and geographic restraints, I was forced to travel with my mind as a child, and it is this most of all that has shaped my artistic perception and voice, but I would likely never have painted the colors or clouds seen in my paintings if it hadn’t been for the sights of my tropical, second home.”

Fauna in La Mancha

Vladimir Kush explains further: “I want to touch my audience on a much deeper emotional or intellectual level than would be possible by painting a pretty landscape or still life where viewers are tempted to place themselves in the landscape, or consume the bowl of fruit—the goal of realism is also its limitation. I try to provide layers of meaning for viewers to explore and emotionally respond to the discoveries they find in my art.”

Take a Metaphorical Voyage into the World of Vladimir Kush.

Arrival of the Flower Ship

Sacred Bird of Yucatan

Horn of Babel

Divine Geometry

60 Responses to “Meet the new Salvador Dali”

  • Gregg:

    Very good blog. Beautiful images.

  • Way cool Sebastian. Believe or not… I am an art guy. Dali is one of my favorites and while I don’t profess to be an expert, I do enjoy going to art museums with an emphasis on painting. If you ever go to DC and the Smithsonian there are tons of options… NY is pretty killer too. I used to go to the Brooklyn Museum which is way underrated. I used to go at night with my better half then head to dinner… A great night of culture… Man I need to get back to Europe. Cheers, TW

    • Sebastian:

      Thanks Todd! Yes I’ve been to the Smithsonian – amazing! I only had one day there… not enough. You need a week LOL I hear ya on the culture – that sounds great going to an art exhibit and then a fine dinner :) I really love Vladimir Kush and his work – his new pieces are amazing! What I put up here are some of his older pieces. Also his large panoramic pieces that tell mythical & allegorical stories are just flat out Incredible!

    • Hi Todd,
      Wanted to stop by and say hello, June and Sebastian speak so highly of you and I am also from the same area where both June and yourself are from.

      Your comments took me down memory lane of my formative years being born and raised in New York and all the wonderful museums and gallery amongst many other wondrous cultural events.

      Thanks for sharing
      SanDanYi recently posted..Foods and Spices that Keep you Warm in the Winter

    • Todd, let me know when you come to Europe. Brussels has a huge collection of modern art, and an entire museum with work of Magrit, Dalí’s fellow surrealist, and Brussels’ prided all year expo.

      • Sebastian:

        Wow Lydia! Brussels? OMG I’m like so there LOL I love art and would love to go there. Sandy and I have been talking about a Europe trip for some time and one is in the works. I KNOW I will have to meet up w/ Matti from Finland and would love to stop in Brussels!!! #Art #Lover

  • Wow, Sebastian. Very cool! For some reason it reminds me of some work by Hieronymous Bosch that I saw in the Prado museum in Spain. Thanks for sharing!
    Terri Nakamura recently posted..Hug Your Kid and Say a Prayer

    • Sebastian:

      Thanks Terri! Yes Hieronymous Bosch reminds of Duerer and it really has an alchemy / alchemical feel. I love this kinda stuff! All the signs, symbols and allegorical through lines woven in amongst a fabric of detail and sublime. Brilliant!

  • What a luminous post, Sebastian! You have such great taste in everything! I look forward to reading more of your posts which are so innovative and enlightening! Great review!
    @OrganicGuru recently posted..“The Corporate Meatpackers Have Infiltrated Congress”-Bill Bullard

  • I cannot tell you how impressed I am with your writing capabilities, your ability to change writing styles at a mere whim is very refreshing to say the least.

    I enjoy your articles but not so much for the information they supply but it is in the fact that you bring unique perspectives and viewpoints to the subject matter! You are addressing is befitting of someone who has the potential to be a laureate in the literary industry.

    SanDanYi recently posted..Foods and Spices that Keep you Warm in the Winter

  • Woooow! Stunning paintings art!

  • This person has the incredible talent of painting like an adult what many children imagine so effortlessly. Yet they have trouble expressing it. It’s the ability to say “What if windmills had wings like butterflies?” and then paint it. “What if boats had flower petals for sails?” and then paint it. The last picture is my favorite, the one of perhaps God’s hand pinching a membrane of the earth and directing the oceans … love it!
    Bethany – Fit2B Studio recently posted..2nd TEST post

  • Frank Levi:

    Sebastian, I’m a long time Salvador Dali fan … this guy is absolutely fantastic. Thanks so much for putting Vladimir Kush on your blog-spot. His work is absolutely amazing! Thanks again.

    • Sebastian:

      Thanks Frank! I’m a HUGE Vladimir Kush fan – he was the artist I mentioned briefly the other day to you but didn’t have time to go into! Amazing Art!!!!

  • Twilight:

    Beautiful Art! Wow! Great blog Sebastian :) I really love your posts!

  • He is Uber Talented! Dali is the King of Contemporary Art and Surrealism, in My opinion. Thanks for sharing Sebastian…and I, will in turn share with other Dali,(and Now Vladimir Kush), lovers! :) ))
    Eleanor Jodway/@ellies58 recently posted..Friendship

    • Sebastian:

      Thanks Eleanor! Didn’t know you were also a big Dali Fan! Cool! I love surrealism! Vladimir Kush has quickly become one of my all time favs! Thanks for the comments Love!!!!

  • It’s an incredible talent, indeed. What Kush creates has the power of stretching imagination, beyond what the eye is able to perceive, and improving on perception of reality. Indeed surreal, and a delight for the fatigued mind that gave up dreaming, bogged down by a less than joy-filled reality. These are healing visions of how colorful our world could be and at the same time, is representative for how instantly our mind can teleport us to a better place if we choose our own creative expression to develop the alchemy of creativity.

  • Thank you Sebastian for introducing me to this whole new world in art!

    Simply brilliant, breathtaking images..I love the imaginative use of butterflies..and the elephants with trombones as trumpet…imaginative beyond words.

    Jackie Bigford recently posted..Twitter Top Five Supporters

  • WalterTyler:


  • YT:

    Very inspiring! Incredible Art

  • Edge of the world is close to believable. I like the silver and gold work on his website too. Thanks!

    • Sebastian:

      Thanks James! Vladimir Kush is AMAZING! I will be putting up another blog with more of his amazing art work :)

  • Thanks for bringing Kush’s work to our attention, Sebastian. It’s inspiring… Makes me want to get off the internet and start writing something fantastical this morning.

  • StanGlasko:

    luminousroc.com is amazing, bookmarked! THANKS for sharing awesome stuff!!!

  • HTS:

    No doubt! Simply brilliant, breathtaking images. Such a talented artist!!! Nice touch with the blog too.

  • LOVE these! I wish I had THAT talent :D .
    Kristy – RKN Studio recently posted..RKN Studio | Home

  • Ted Washbrun:

    Spectacular artwork! Truly incredible genius! Thank you for illuminating me to Mr. Kush’s fine art. I’m sold!

  • Ted Washbrun:

    Breathtaking artwork!

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  • FreddieMc:


  • FreddieMc:

    I’m an instant fan :) I can’t wait to go to one of his gallery’s. Thanks for turning me onto

  • FreddieMc:

    Vladimir Kush :)

  • Jaydean @starlingpoet:

    Thanks for sharing – my favorite would have to be the flower ship. :D Beautiful artwork!!

    • Sebastian:

      THANK YOU JEFFERSON! I appreciate the Twitter Love & RTs and you very nice message! YOU ROCK! Thank You :)

  • To say that he was educated in the Cezanne method which he quickly mastered is ridiculous. Sorry. the Cezanne ‘method’ is all about authentic self expression in terms of the medium! Here you have total domination of the medium by the technical and total domination of the self expressing, by the motif. And about that, Cezanne said that if you wanted to be a painter you must avoid the literary spirit…” These are obviously well done and beautiful illustrations. They are not original expression in terms of the art form itself, only the imaginative motif… Not trying to be arbitrary, it just shows a lack of understanding of the history of art and the evolution of the artform to use Cezanne as if he were some intermediary step to this form of greatness….and,
    Cezanne did say, ‘if you copy me, you do not love my work!’ Just to add further dimension to the argument…

  • Art Lover:

    Simply FANTASTIC! Spectacular blog!!!!!!!!

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  • JK:

    This guy is absolutely fantastic!! Incredible art and blog. Your site is bad ass!!!

  • Ronald McQuarrie:

    Fantastic blog Mate! Brilliant work that inspires the mind body & soul. Looking forward to seeing more work and reading your blog. Cheers!!!

  • I randomly stumbled upon this blog post today. What beautiful works of art – thanks for posting! I, too, love Dali and surrealism in general. (Although I must admit my favorite surrealist painter is Magritte, not Dali.) I recently wrote about Dali on my blog after seeing some of his works at the Museum of Modern Art this past weekend: http://missjjonartsandentertainment.blogspot.com/2011/08/that-is-modern-art-moma-and-south.html I link to some of his film ventures, which if you haven’t seen already, you should really check out. If you think his paintings are amazing, prepare to be even further blown away!

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  • YariStiakowliski:

    Great great great! I would love to buy some of his work :)

  • YariStiakowliski:

    Great! I would love to buy some of his work :)

  • YolandsBriggs:

    If you didn’t tell me I would have thought for sure these paintings were done by Salvador Dali. Vladimir Kush is a very special painter/person. His work is vibrant and exciting. He’s added a freshness and exuberance to the art world. I look forward to going to one of his galleries :)

  • Sebastian, Thank you for sharing this gorgeous work from a truly inspired artist. I can see why you fell in love with it. Also loved your post about meeting him. You two do look like brothers!
    Jacqueline recently posted..The Journey of Life in a Nutshell

    • Sebastian:

      Thanks so much Jacqueline for your nice comment :) Vladimir is such an amazing artist and very inspiring! And a interesting person to talk with! I quite enjoyed hanging with him!!!

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