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Blackberry Heaven!



Blackberry Heaven! Today is the first day of harvest!  Many of you know that I wrote a blog back on June 30th entitled The blackberries are coming! Well the good news is they have landed!  Wow! There are even more blackberries than I expected!  When I wrote the first blog I thought I might be exaggerating a little, but let me tell you there are a lot of them!  I feel very blessed and fortunate that My Organic Garden is so abundant!

Today I spent a couple hours picking blackberries for my family and friends.  Check out my blackberry hands LOL



Oh! I almost forgot to mention that when I entered the yard I had to chase Larry The Squirrel and a pack of his swashbuckling organic marauders out of the garden.  Needless to say, I wasn’t too happy, but, on to brighter and better things.  The blackberries are amazing but what’s even better is sharing them with family and friends!

A big Thanks again to Steven Nahabedian and his company Fired Up Tiles (click to see his website) for providing us with all of the awesome themed tiles that you see in my garden.  Many of you are probably familiar with Fired Up Tiles as he is carried in a majority of health food stores and Whole Foods across America.

Larry The Squirrel eats Blackberries

Blackberry Heaven!

Stay Tuned for more adventures from My Organic Garden.

16 Responses to “Blackberry Heaven!”

  • Oh yes bro,it looks fabulous and delicious! Even Larry the Squirrel likes your blackberries LOL:)
    If you could use UPS/TNT/DHL, please could you send to me some beautiful blackberries of yours winkl:)

    All the love from your finn friend/bro:)


    • Sebastian:

      LOL and you know I would LOL Thanks Matti! They are amazing :) Well as long Larry The Squirrel and his buddies stay away LOL

  • Gregg:

    Beautiful blackberries, Sebastian, and I think you’ve got a pretty smart squirrel on your hands as well.

  • Tim:

    Fantastic brother! Those are award-winning berries! Right now you should feel proud like an honorary aquarium parent. Hope you have enough to sell at the market.

  • Whoa!!! Organic blackberries, i can’t even imagine how delicious they must be. Its been such a long while now that we have been completely kept away from the taste of real organic food, but Thanks to some amazing people like you who are taking the effort and making the initiative to at least grow them

    LOL!!! Well keep growing those tasty fruits and i am sure Larry will keep coming back….LOL..swashbucklings…God, i think you need a scarecrow or even a Fake Teddy Cat would do the trick, i m sure :D !!!

    Thank you so much for the wonderful share my friend ;D!!! Truly enjoyed it & It brightened my morning with a smile :D !!!!

    • Sebastian:

      Thank so much for your nice comments :) Yes they are amazingly great tasting – I feel quite blessed! I also I’ve been leaving Larry the Squirrel some nuts on the wall LOL It seems to work haaa haaa I found a pile of shells LOL

  • Black Berrie such yours Sebastian deserve all that challenge against needles and a hard competition with a such smart squirrel!

    I am curious to know more info about black Berrie trees (how to plat& how to take care…etc), so excited to read about in your coming blogpost ;)

    A such Yammy article ((*___*))

  • I can actually feel the antioxident energy dripping from the blog page…. very good stuff… a true super food. Thanks for sharing. TW

  • Jaydean @starlingpoet:

    Hi Sebastian – the blackberries look so good! The ones I see in the grocery are nothing compared to yours. They really are so good for you in so many ways. Wish I had your green? or black? thumb to grow some blackberries myself!! Thanks for the link to your awesome blog : ) jaydean

  • Hi Sebastian,

    I wish I was your neighbor(ˆ◡ˆ) Love love love blackberries.
    They’re so healthy. Blueberries too! You leave Larry the Squirrel some nuts on the wall?(ˆ◡ˆ) How kind!

    Have an awesome weekend, you & Sandy♥

    • Sebastian:

      LOL I know we have a ton of blackberries! It’s antioxidant heaven LOL I love and yep I share them with all my friends – they are not to sweet either :) I’ve been giving Larry some nuts and leaving stuff for him… keeping him and gang of marauders far awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay LOL he he he Thanks!!!!

  • Ronald McQuarrie:

    LARRY Rocks! But hey you can have all the Larry’s from my backyard!!! FYI

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