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OMG! Insider #HashTagMoments at the Grammys

OMG! Insider #HashTagMoments at the Grammys was one of the best experiences I’ve had in social media.  A HUGE Thanks to Bryan Moore for assembling our awesome Twitterati Team!

Together we worked the social media networks and our teamwork paid off!  #omgInsider was Trending Worldwide on Twitter three times!

A HUGE Thanks to  Thea Andrews  Kevin Frazier  and  Michael Yo for lettings us tweet from their chairs on the set of OMG! Insider Studios on the CBS lot.  You guys are awesome!  PS.  We love where you guys hide your Mintz from Trader Joe’s LOL

OMG! Insider #HashTagMoments at the Grammys – Wow there we so many hilariously fun filled #HashTagMoments all of us kept saying, “We can’t wait for the Academy Awards!”  Wow did Justin Timberlake rock the #Grammys house Frank Sinatra style or what?!?!

A Huge Thanks to Calvin Lee at Mayhem Studios for the cool T Shirts!  Cheers and a huge thanks to all the Amazing Staff at the OMG! Insider.  Also check out the #omgInsider Twitterati Queen @LoriMoreno ‘s blog:

Tweeting for the OMG! Insider Grammys at CBS Studios


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