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Art.Life Art Exhibition Downtown Los Angeles

exhibition in la, things to in la,

Art.Life Art Exhibition Downtown Los Angeles – On March 30th, 2013, my close friends and I attended an exciting art opening in downtown Los Angeles – the Art.Life Exhibition.  This event was hosted by Amy Demirchian of EWI Collections where a portion of the proceeds were donated to the Los Angeles Art Alliance.

Opening nights of art exhibits are always enjoyable for me and I was pleasantly surprised at the excitement, energy and the honest gratitude I felt from the artists and from many of the people who attended.

exhibition in la, things to in la, Andre Miripolsky, Sebastian St. George, Hollywood,

Andre Miripolsky – Sharks of Hollywood and Sebastian St. George

The show was on a grand scale and it included such a great mixture of Art from mixed media, oils, prints and some incredible bronze sculptures.  This exhibit presented approximately 50 artists in an elegant 30,000 sq. ft. loft and what made it so appealing was that it was great to see so many different forms of artistic expression.

exhibition in la, things to in la, art

Liz Trdatyan & her awesome art – Perpetual Bliss

One of the highlights was discovering a new up and coming artist Liz Trdatyan, whose work showed an almost seemless fusion of creativity, technique, style and a strong sense of fashion, all culminating together on the canvas.  She uses paints, textiles, and even pieces of poetry to convey her expressions.

My favorite piece called Eccentric Muse, was the artist’s expression of the frustrations and conflicts she faced with her own sense of identity and culture, her struggles as a woman and how Hollywood objectifies beauty, hence most of the face in the painting being covered, except for the beautiful entrancing eyes.  The layering and the glazing technique adds a magnificent luster to the painting.  This is a truly a one of a kind and excellently composed mixed media work.

exhibition in la, things to in la, art

Liz Trdatyan – Eccentric Muse

exhibition in la, things to in la, Sebastian St. George, Stuart Kusher, Renaissance Man, art

Sebastian St George and Stuart Kusher – Renaissance Man

Now, moving on to one of my favorite forms of art: sculpture.  All of us were definitely impressed and moved by the bronze sculptures of Stuart Kusher, and not just because of the scale of his works, but because of the time he takes to pay attention to the small details, like the gentle sloping of the woman’s breasts as she drifts underwater in Patron Saint of Sanonofre.  It is the artist’s mantra of ninety-nine percent observation and one percent application that really shines through in his work.  I personally loved the way he infused a fresh twist to this classic medium, the twisted coils of hair and goatee on the Path to Stonehenge, the tree branches and leaves branching out of the head in Afrinesta, and the mohawk in…Mohawk Mafia.

exhibition in la, things to in la, Sebastian St. George, Stuart Kusher, Renaissance Man,

Stuart Kusher discusses the Patron Saint of Sanonofre

exhibition in la, things to in la, Sebastian St. George, Stuart Kusher, Patron Saint of Sanonofre, art

Stuart Kusher – Patron Saint of Sanonofre

Now it’s time for a little drink, and what can I say about the spirits served around the bar?  Another one of my favorite new discoveries is Maya tequila (smooth).  The great people at Maya Tequila are rocking with a fantastic and unique bottle design that is sure to win over a lot of hearts!  I know it got mine!

Maya Tequilla

Another winner was Mascarade, a new cocktail blend of French Armagnac, vodka, peach and apricot juices.  This tasty blend kept my friends going the entire night!

exhibition in la, things to in la, Andre Miripolsky, art, sharks

POP!  What is art nowadays without representing pop culture?  No one does it better than this particular artist, whose iconic imagery of Los Angeles has splashed all over magazines and billboards across town for the past three decades; not to mention that his Art has graced Absolut Vodka bottles.  Andre Miripolsky has once again created a fun, bright collection called the Sharks of Los Angeles and the Sharks of Hollywood to keep us uplifted in our spirits and our views of living in this temperamental town.

exhibition in la, things to in la, Sebastian St. George, Andre Miripolsky, City of Angels,

Sebastian St. George and Andre Miripolsky City of Angels

Andre’s Sharks of Hollywood had all of my friends and I laughing!  This painting is a fun, edgy and ballsy take on Hollywood reality.  Where else in the world do sharks eat sharks?  And shark directors eat their own films?  Oh and some of these Sharks are even on rollerskates?!?  Welcome to the hilariously entertaining and fascinating world of Andre Miripolsky.

Andre Miripolsky, Sharks of Hollywood, art

Andre Miripolsky Sharks of Hollywood

Hollywood spoiler alert: Don’t get eaten by the sharks….., well, you certainly won’t by Andre, whose happy, honest and humble personality really left a significant impression on me and had me walking away feeling like I met a true gentleman, honorable and full of integrity.

Sebastian St George, Liz Trdatyan, Art, things to in LA, exhibition in la,

Sebastian St George and Liz Trdatyan Art

Liz Trdatyan, Stuart Kusher and Andre Miripolsky are artists that are on the rise and worth watching and most importantly worth supporting and buying their work.  All in all a good time was had by everyone.  Art.Life is a must see event and well worth your time.  My friends and I look forward to the next Art.Life Exhibition.

Stay Luminous

Sebastian St. George

Liz Trdatyan, Art, things to in LA, exhibition in la,

Liz Trdatyan – Perpetual Bliss

Stuart Kusher, Art, things to in LA, exhibition in la,

The Path to Stonehenge by Stuart Kusher


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