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Blackberry Heaven!



Blackberry Heaven! Today is the first day of harvest!  Many of you know that I wrote a blog back on June 30th entitled The blackberries are coming! Well the good news is they have landed!  Wow! There are even more blackberries than I expected!  When I wrote the first blog I thought I might be exaggerating a little, but let me tell you there are a lot of them!  I feel very blessed and fortunate that My Organic Garden is so abundant!

Today I spent a couple hours picking blackberries for my family and friends.  Check out my blackberry hands LOL



Oh! I almost forgot to mention that when I entered the yard I had to chase Larry The Squirrel and a pack of his swashbuckling organic marauders out of the garden.  Needless to say, I wasn’t too happy, but, on to brighter and better things.  The blackberries are amazing but what’s even better is sharing them with family and friends!

A big Thanks again to Steven Nahabedian and his company Fired Up Tiles (click to see his website) for providing us with all of the awesome themed tiles that you see in my garden.  Many of you are probably familiar with Fired Up Tiles as he is carried in a majority of health food stores and Whole Foods across America.

Larry The Squirrel eats Blackberries

Blackberry Heaven!

Stay Tuned for more adventures from My Organic Garden.

The blackberries are coming!

The blackberries are coming!  Many of you know about My Organic Garden and have seen pictures of it or heard me tweet about it on Twitter or talk about it on Facebook.  If you read my blog (please see hyperlink above) you may remember my infamous gazania eating bandit: Larry The Squirrel.  What Larry doesn’t know about, and he’s not gonna find out anything about, is my incredible berry patch.

Over two years ago my friend Skip and I bought an Organic Duarte Blackberry starter.  It was one stem in a can about eight to twelve inches high.  We really weren’t sure it was going to take, but, what the heck.  We put it in the ground and watered it routinely.  Boy were we surprised!  This bush took off like a shot!  Now it’s over six feet high and about twenty feet long. We’ve had to cut it back about five or six times this year as it’s been in continual expansion mode.

The blackberries are coming!  The blackberries are coming! Wow look at them in these pictures!  There must be over a million of them!  OK maybe that’s exaggerating a tiny bit, but, there are a lot of berries!  Frankly, I’m very excited as this will be our second harvest.

I know what you’re thinking, why the hell is Sebastian blogging about Blackberries?  This is supposed to be a blog about Tech, Social Media, Branding and Marketing only. LOL Luminous ROC has become more about all things Luminous and especially topics and categories that I am passionate about.  I am especially passionate about health, diet, exercise, eating right and organic gardening.

To maintain top performance in the Marketing and Branding world one needs to be healthy. Blackberries are very high in antioxidants.  There have been many articles written about value of berries and their miraculous ability to aid in the prevention of disease and the effects of oxidative stress to the cells.

And they taste great!  Shhh just promise me you won’t tell Larry The Squirrel!

My Organic Garden

My Organic Garden has played a major in my life.  Many of you know how I am very passionate about organic farming and food growing.  My family has had organic gardens for well over 40 years.  Gardening is an excellent way to de-stress after a long hectic and busy day.  It also helps in getting one’s self reconnected with the earth.  Overall, it has a deep calming effect on one’s soul and well-being.

My family and I have been very grateful for growing many incredible fruits and vegetables.  Below you will see the 13 lbs. organic beet that I picked today.  We have experienced many miracles in our gardens.

My 13 lbs. organic beet

My 13 lbs. organic beet

It’s seems that my organic garden is very popular.  Especially with the local residents, Larry The Squirrel and his four buddies love to raid our garden.

Larry The Squirrel

Larry The Squirrel

Let’s take a look at the origins of organic gardening in this county and how it has played a major part in America’s history.  Our Founding Fathers considered themselves first and foremost famers before being politicians.  It was only the conditions they faced as subjects of the British Crown that caused them to change in order to seek colonial freedom.  They were self-reliant and lived off the earth.  They understood the basic principles of life, living and the pursuit of happiness, which today seem almost non-existent.  In today’s technological age, many have lost and forgotten what these great men stood for, fought for and in some instances died for.

Andrea Wulf spoke about this in a recent article in The Los Angeles Times and goes into further detail her recent book entitled “Founding Gardeners – The Revolutionary Generation, Nature and the Shaping of the American Nation.”  She spoke of how the influence of gardening and farming helped to craft the images used by The Founding Fathers to bring about understanding and development of this nation.  It continues to be an amazing process, one that we are all part of today.

Pathway to Organic Love

I am very grateful to Steven Nahabedian and his company Fired Up Tiles (click to see his website) for providing us with all of the awesome themed tiles that you see in my garden.  Many of you are probably familiar with Fired Up Tiles as he is carried in a majority of health food stores and Whole Foods across America.

Many of the tiles represent a variety of themes, religions and beliefs.  In my garden, they are all united in peace, harmony and life giving presence.  These tiles also add a sense of style, fashion and practicality to my garden.  They illuminate and provide a vibrant energy to the area and allow me to find my way.  In essence, they provide a pathway to organic love.

Take a look below at the beautiful fruits and veggies that we picked today from My Organic Garden!

Organic Fruits & Veggies from my Garden

Organic Fruits & Veggies from my Garden